Creskeld Manor is a beautiful Grade II listed country home nestling on the outskirts of Leeds. For the addition of a new swimming pool, hot tub, and plunge pool to this prestigious property, PUDLO waterproofing systems were engaged by Topline Developments to provide the right waterproofing solution. Due to the nature of the sloping site heightening risk of ground water permeating the swimming pool, we employed three lines of defence.


When installing a water-retaining structure, both the ingress and egress of water need to be considered. Using three different systems ensures greater longevity. To fully protect the project, we pulled out all the stops with a combination of Types A, B, and C waterproofing.

427m2 of PUDLO Membrane BW formed external waterproofing around the pool and surrounding floor slabs. This self-sealing bentonite system was quick to install and required no tape on overlaps or joints for a long-lasting waterproof seal.

60m3 of PUDLO modified waterproof concrete formed the water-retaining structure. This ensured no water could pass through the pool walls – including ground water entering the pool, or water expelled into the surrounding ground. The waterproof admixture is mixed into the concrete at the batching plant, ensuring thorough dissemination throughout the pour.

Finally, the PUDLO Cavity Drain System’s studded membrane was installed internally to walls and floors, managing moisture seepage through the structure. This acts as a backup to the primary barrier, forming the final line of defence against ground water.


To ensure the accurate installation of these products, every concrete pour was attended by PUDLO’s expert site support team. They were instrumental in championing best practice in any prep work, as well as ensuring the concrete tickets and mix design were consistent and in line with the PUDLO waterproofing system QA process. This also gave the project coordinators the peace of mind that comes with our watertight 20-year warranty.

Both PUDLO and Topline Developments were thrilled with the conclusion of this project, leading to PUDLO being referred for more work across the Lake District.